As a Recruitz member, you are completely relieved of these burdensome matters. We take over all of your administrative duties and ensure that everything is carried out in accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations.


Are you a freelancer, but would prefer not to work from your own company? Want to avoid burdensome discussions about your freelance status or concerns about whether or not your client is going to pay?

Recruitment services

Interested in the possibilities and in finding out what we can do for you?

Salary administration

Keeping an efficient and effective personnel administration can sometimes pose quite a challenge. Recruitz can completely relieve you of this burden. We take care of these matters for a number of organisations operating as employment agencies.


Recruitz also offers options for completely relieving you of your financial administration woes. As well as supplying the necessary software, we can ensure that your administration is always up to date and meets requirements, and inform and advise you periodically on matters important to you.

Start your own agency

We are happy to help you start your own company in the temporary employment sector.

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