‘The general purpose of a cooperative is to meet the material needs of its members through the conclusion of one or more agreements with its members

With this goal in mind, Recruitz was founded by and for entrepreneurs who operate employment agencies. It offers a platform with the intention of completely relieving its members of administrative burdens, securing benefits for them and offering access to the flexibility of the employment agency sector in an economical, transparent way. It accomplishes all of this while also ensuring that entrepreneurs retain their own identity and the freedoms they strive for, with the top priorities being quality and adherence to the relevant laws and regulations.

Recruitz provides tailored solutions for its members’ needs. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to suit all employees or the wishes of employment agents and their clients. This is our unique proposition: you decide which services you want to purchase from us and the details of the collaboration. Aside from the membership costs, you will only incur costs once you are successful in your business.

As a member of Recruitz, you will have access to all of the resources you need to fully meet employment agency requirements.

What does Recruitz offer its members?

  • Processing of contracts for temporary workers, freelancers and clients;
  • Invoicing and accounts receivable management;
  • Salary processing for temporary workers in accordance with legislation and regulations;
  • Payment of the margin monthly within 30 days;
  • Pre-financing of working capital;
  • Limiting of financial risks for the benefit of its members;
  • Offering flexibility in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for the temporary employment sector;
  • Is an NBBU member and SNA-certified (NEN-4400-1);
  • Is a sponsor with the IND (highly skilled migrants);
  • Takes care of requests for the 30% rule;
  • Compliance regarding the use of freelancers;
  • Synergy benefits through cooperation with other members;
  • Extra security for the benefit of its clients.

For more information about our services, take a look at services. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us.

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