Corporate story coöperatie Recruitz

An altered playing field
Things have not got any easier in recent years for entrepreneurs operating employment agencies. Constantly changing legislation means that flexible work is becoming more expensive and less flexible. The legislator’s approach is well worthwhile; after all, every effort should be made to prevent temporary employees being treated differently to a company’s own employees under employment law. External hiring should not chosen as a means of saving on costs, but because it is necessary for effective and efficient business operations.

In 2020, we responded to the challenges posed by this rapidly changing playing field by starting Recruitz – a cooperative in which members enjoy the many benefits of joining forces while still retaining their own unique identities. Membership also communicates a strong message to the outside world, offering a sense of security to hiring organisations and providing them with the guarantee that collective labour agreements and the legislation and regulations will be properly adhered to.

Genuinely different
Recruitz is a transparent organisation with a flat structure. The board is skilled and experienced in the employment agency sector and decisive in nature. The cooperative is run on a not-for-profit basis and is jointly owned by its members, who help to determine the direction the cooperative takes. The cooperation between members creates synergy benefits such as cost savings. Because Recruitz operates independently, we can take a genuinely different approach, with flexible entry and exit options, a low membership fee and in particular, our complete package of support services. Our services are tailored to users’ needs and can be purchased on a modular basis. Members are free to decide the extent to which they want to make use of what the cooperative has to offer.

Reduced workload
Recruitz aims in particular to take care of peripheral matters and concerns and empower its members to do what they do best. We provide smart administrative, legal and financial services that enable agents to focus on their desired task: making the best match.

Learn and inspire
The cooperative is also a place to learn, create and inspire, and to share knowledge and skills with kindred spirits. Recruitz therefore offers its members their own platform. This is an environment with the potential to grow into a community and provides the foundation from which online and offline events can be organised. The members determine the content and direction of the platform, and Recruitz facilitates it.

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